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Wipes on boat?
Feb 17, 10 1:33 PM
Feb 8, 10 1:26 AM
Feb 7, 10 11:37 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Feb 6, 10 11:23 PM
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The Fallen Nine is a guild looking to recruit new members all the time, and push the content of wow, including heroic 10 mans, and 25 man ICC
Our goal Raiding date is March 2nd, however we currently are running raids of all sorts.
Raid days are tues-Thurs 5:30 - 9:00 Server.
Feel free to get in on this great guild early! just apply NAOW!!
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Wipes on boat?

herbs182, Feb 17, 10 1:33 PM.
        The Fallen Nine raided Icecrown last night and one shoted the bosses but when it came to the boat they wiped more times that hillary clinton did when she came out from behind the podium. To some raiders the gunship battle is considered free loot and normaly is for The Fallen Nine but i guess they forgot to take their sea sickness pills before talking to saurfang. We are all /boggled at what happened on that boat last night but Zamamee quotes "it was just a lil speed bump and we didnt have our game faces on. We went in thinking we had it easy but blizzard put us in our place and showed us that not everybody is perfect unless we act perfect. It was a learning experience and we will come more prepared for situations like that." 
        Even though they got through that boss their heads still hang low from their many attepts at it but i see The Fallen Nine coming back heads higher than before and with their game faces on to bring back revenge on that alliance gunship. Tonight will b an interesting night as we take on festurgut and rotface and see if the healers got what it takes to bring the heat.


HolyDiver10, Feb 8, 10 1:26 AM.
Neighborhood in shock as Holysurvival is accused of displaying flagrant homosexuality

NEW YORK - A usually calm New York neighborhood is in shock this evening as one of their own has begun to display signs of flagrant homosexuality. Holysurvival was seen this morning talking with a strong lisp and bragging about the prior night's homoerotic adventures with a bartender referred to as "Bubba".

Police then proceeded to apprehend Mr. Holysurvival after the suspect threatened to strike an officer with a rubber dildo. While being taken into custody, it was reported that the suspect made repeated attempts to "tap some ass" with several police officials, but no one was available to confirm these findings.

Mr. Holysurvival was released from the county jail late this evening after bail of $150,000 was posted by the suspect's friend "Bubba", who was later stopped on the street for possession of a jet-black double-headed rubber dildo.


HolyDiver10, Feb 7, 10 11:37 PM.
At this moment Holysurvival is working on the guild webpage. If you have screen shoots, put them in the gallery please. Its going to take a little while till i get the ranks up. So this means you will or will not have permission to put screen shoots in gallery. Your rank on here could be wrong, just give me a little bit to get that set all up right.
If you sign up this will be another way we can communicate and let people know whats going on. Please guys get to know because i will be using it alot now.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

HolyDiver10, Feb 6, 10 11:23 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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